Guest Artists

Jack D. Baker

Jack D. Baker headshot

Photo courtesy Jack D. Baker


Jack D. Baker is a graduate of Westville High School and Oklahoma State University. He is the past president of the board of the Oklahoma Historical Society and has served on the board since 2002. He has served as the national president of the Trail of Tears Association for over twenty years. Baker served for 21 years on the board of the Cherokee National Historical Society, Inc. and many of those years he served as their Treasurer. He has been president for more than thirty-five years of Goingsnake District Heritage Association and has served on several other non-profit boards and commissions.

Baker served for eleven years as one of the seventeen members of the Tribal Council of the Cherokee Nation and represented those Cherokee citizens residing outside of the Cherokee Nation. Baker also served as a member of the 1999 Cherokee Constitutional Convention. He has done extensive Cherokee research for more than forty years and has authored various articles and edited various books on Cherokee history as well as writing forewords for several scholarly books on Cherokees. He has also served as an advisor and assisted with various documentaries on Cherokee history.