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Hey, everybody! I am a senior in the Practice of Art Track in the Department of Art & Archaeology, concentrating in Film. That’s right — I’m one of those rare “Film majors” at Princeton. I actually had no idea that such a thing was possible when I came to Princeton, let alone when I initially selected my major at the end of sophomore year. I was originally in the History of Art Track with a Certificate in Visual Arts (Film), but when I realized belatedly that I could concentrate solely on Film, I made the switch! That was in January of my junior year.

Part of the reason that I missed out on the opportunity to go ahead and pick the Film major at the end of sophomore year was that I didn’t really know any juniors or seniors at the time who were “majoring in Film,” as it were. I hope that something I can do for anyone who’s curious is to guide you toward this little-known sub-department. It’s going to get even better if more people can join in! Hopefully, you won’t have to switch majors late in the game, like I did.

Being a so-called “Film major” means that you have to make one short film in each of your junior and senior years. It just so happens that being a “Film certificate” entails exactly the same amount of work. I thought I could pull this off just fine while being an Art History major, but I met a rude awakening when I began prepping for my film shoot at the same time that I was outlining my Junior Paper on the Renaissance. I simply couldn’t handle all of this work on top of regular class work. Know yourself!

Aside from filmmaking, I write, act, and direct for the Playwright’s Guild, as well as with Theatre Intime. Every semester, the Playwright’s Guild produces the Troupe Show, a sketch comedy show written entirely by Princeton students, and longer shows also written by Princetonians. In addition to Playwright’s Guild productions, you can find me in Princeton Mock Trial, the Frist Ticketing Office, and Marquand Library, where I shelve books and sit at the welcome desk. Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about academics, extracurriculars, on-campus employment, or whatever you want!


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