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Hello! My name is James and I'm a rising senior in the electrical engineering department. While science and technology have always been a passion of mine, ever since the day I started dancing when I was eight I just couldn't stop! Since then I've trained in a range of styles including contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz, and ballet. Dance has been such a source of motivation, expression, and joy for me throughout my life, and I was so excited to join the dance community at Princeton the minute I got to campus. In my freshman year, I joined diSiac Dance Company, a student-run dance group on campus, as well as the dance program. I've had so many great experiences with both, including performing, choreographing, and expanding my technical skill. This year, I'll be working on a thesis project as a part of the dance certificate program that will explore the various motivations that we have to dance, as well as the translation of that passion between performer and audience.

While pursuing the arts can present a variety of challenges, particularly at Princeton where we're all facing the intense pressure of academics, this University has a wide range of resources available to make it possible to do what we love and grow as artists. I'd be more than happy to talk with anyone about their experiences with the arts while at Princeton. Feel free to bring me your concerns and questions, or any other thoughts you may have. I always love chatting over a cup of coffee about people's ideas and hope that you share them with me!

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