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My name is Julien (he/him) and I’m a junior majoring in English, with certificates in Theater, Music Theater, Classics, and Humanistic Studies. At the Lewis Center, I have performed in shows and taken lots of classes on both sides of the pandemic. Outside of the LCA, I’m also involved in the Princeton Triangle Club and serve as a symposiarch/mentor for the Western HUM sequence.

While I am mostly a performer, I have done all sorts of things with the Lewis Center. So far, I’ve taken classes in theater, music theater, creative writing, visual arts, and the Princeton Atelier. Every single class has been unique and extremely rewarding. As an English major, I have also taken many literary classes that intersect with LCA departments. I am doing the theater track within the major, so I’d be happy to chat about that if you’re interested. I am also hoping to study abroad next spring and can share my experience with that as I go along!

As I’m sure you already know, the Lewis Center is an amazing place that offers endless opportunities. I know it can be overwhelming so please reach out! I was lucky to have lots of help in my first years navigating the LCA, and I know I could not have accomplished so much without it. The classes, the faculty, and your peers are all unbelievable (and often intimidating!). As we continue to live in a world of unknowns, I’m here to help you in any way I can: choosing courses, hearing your ideas for programs, communicating issues of equity and diversity to those in power, talking you through certificates/proposals...the list goes on! I hope you’ll find the LCA to be just as much a creative, open, and rewarding space as it has been for me.


Class of '23

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