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Hi friends! My name is Katie and I’m a junior in the Slavic Languages and Literature department, pursuing certificates in the Journalism and Theater programs. Although my family has moved upwards of ten times, I spent my senior year of high school in Dayton, Ohio, and now call it my home.

While I’ve been very comfortable in VIS classes and music groups, I came to Princeton knowing next to nothing about theater; the last time I had participated in a show was when I auditioned for my school’s production of Beauty and the Beast in sixth grade — I was so terrified of acting that I became the designated curtain puller for the production. During my freshman spring I worked up the nerve to audition for Theatre Intime’s Student Playwright Festival and discovered that I wasn’t quite as scared of the stage as I thought.

I became a Peer Arts Advisor because I wish that I had found someone to mentor me this way when I was stepping into Princeton’s performing arts scene. Princeton has such an abundance of incredibly talented and motivated artists that it’s easy to be intimated when you’re trying to step into a world that others have already spent years in. Thankfully I’ve found an incredibly welcoming community in Theatre Intime, where I currently serve as Technical Director.

On campus I’m involved with The Daily Prince, Trego, SpeakOut, and I work for Dillon Gym and the Office of Disability Services, as well as being a brand new Mathey Peer Academic Adviser. My favorite thing is meeting new people and talking about their passions, interests, and aspirations, as well as things like whether they have a favorite pair of shoes or which campus buildings inexplicably rub them the wrong way. I’m always happy to get a meal or coffee or take a walk, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Class of '22

Program in Theater

Residential College