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Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am a rising senior in the Architecture department, with certificates in Urban Studies and Dance. I am extremely passionate about the creative arts. Currently, my artistic voice is mainly expressed through dance and choreography. Over my time so far at Princeton, I have spent countless hours in dance studios practicing, creating, and learning about myself through this beautiful form. I am interested in the idea of embodiment as a form of knowing, and physicality as a form of communication.

I have been lucky enough to train in a variety of dance styles at Princeton through the dance department, extra-curricular groups, as well as off campus. After focusing my training in hip-hop and urban dance for the past few summers, this year I hope to focus my choreographic interests on the intersectionality between hip-hop and contemporary dance practices. For my senior creative thesis, I will be choreographing a full-length work that will play with these intersecting dialogues. I am super excited!

If you are interested in talking about different dance opportunities on campus, I definitely am happy to sit down and chat with you about it. I also am quite familiar with the ways in which dance education at Princeton can be limiting or frustrating (I co-led a whole Breakout trip called Dance Education Access NYC, ask me more about it if you like!), so PLEASE reach out if you are having frustrations about dance culture on campus or in general. As someone who has been navigating various issues of minority representation in the arts for years, I hope that I can be of some help to you on your journey. Hit me up!!  J

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