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Hi! My name is Lucy Chuang and I’m beyond excited to serve as a Peer Arts Advisor this year. I am a senior from Duluth, Georgia, and I’m passionate about poetry, Asian American advocacy, and the American political arena. On the side, I like to make up quirky dance moves, go to the gym, and watch any and every show on Netflix (Stranger Things, anyone?) Academically, I am in the Politics Department with a specialization on American Institutions and Ideas, and I’m pursuing an Asian American Studies certificate and a Creative Writing certificate in poetry.

My passion for poetry blossomed at an early age; I found that poetry was the most accessible art form because all it required was a scrap sheet of paper and a pencil. As a first-generation, low-income, daughter-of-immigrants, I often wrote about how I struggled with my dueling identity and how lonely I felt. Through poetry, I was able to make my parents and their oral histories visible. Through poetry, I was able to document the stories of my ancestors, build cross-cultural bridges with my peers, and advocate for people within my community. As Cathy Park Hong best puts it, “I am now in the habit of collecting bad English” because this is the language of my parents and a language I hope to share with the world through poetry.

My time with Professor Erika Sanchez, Professor Rowan Ricardo-Phillips, and Professor Tracy K. Smith has contributed immensely to my knowledge of poetry and encouraged me to adopt poetic styles that I never thought I would try myself! I can honestly say that the Creative Writing Program professors genuinely care about you as a human being and are willing to move mountains to help you get the resources you need. I know it can be intimidating to approach the LCA at first, but I promise the risk is worth the reward.

Overall, I would love to serve as another resource for you as you navigate the poetry and Creative Writing Program. Recently, I was selected as a recipient for the Mallach Senior Thesis Fund for a personal project that allows me to travel and explore the formation of the modern Asian American and Pacific Islander identity. I would love to help you navigate the funding process from the Lewis Center for the Arts as well! I am here to chat about whatever you need, and I’m always open to talk about how to diversify the art experience on campus and how to use the arts for social change. Let’s get a meal, REALLY.


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