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Hi! I’m Matt. I’m a rising junior in the History Department and Program in Theater. I was born in Troy, Michigan, and have lived in Seoul and suburban Massachusetts, and now reside in New York City. I’m exhilarated about the new arts complex and cannot wait to celebrate the opening with the fall production of The Bacchae. Next year I’ll also serve as a fellow for the Fields Center. Right now I am drafting a play that explores postwar Korea and topics like divided family, student movements, and protest culture. I return to Korea in August to work and spend time a a non-Korean refugee community.

I think art should be therapeutic and entertaining and informative all at once! Don’t settle for anything less. What’s so fantastic about the Lewis Center’s theater is there is no pretentious aesthetic agenda; our faculty and students really invest in unconventional and marginalized stories. Be bold, take ownership, and don’t apologize. A play I love: Angles in America. A play with a lot of personal significance: Ruined. The most inspiring story of the summer: Doaa Al Zamel’s. Favorite Netflix show: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Currently on my night stand: My Promised Land by Ari Shavit.

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