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Hey y’alls! My name is Minjae Kim (he/him/his) and I’m an English major pursuing a certificate in Theater. I’m a theater-maker on campus and am involved with department theater, Theatre Intime, as well as East-West Theater. It seems just like yesterday when I was a first year student at Princeton, but I guess I’m a senior now, which means I must’ve (hopefully) learned something along the way.

I’m not the biggest fan of labeling myself as something because I find labels awfully scary – simultaneously self-affirming and limiting. I just really love making theater and will do whatever sparks joy and calls to me. Over the past few years at Princeton, I’ve participated in so many different aspects of theater-making! Sound design, set design, stage managing, directing, writing, acting, fight choreographing – I love it all! If you have any questions about anything slide into my DMs, and if I can’t help, I’m sure I can find you someone who can!

Before I came to Princeton, similar to many other students coming in, my only theater experience was performing. But while at Princeton I quickly found that theater was so much more than being under the lights – I found some of my closest friends over, around, and behind the lights. I encourage you to try new things (like theater tech!). We aren’t scary as we look (do I look scary?) – I promise we’re all just big softies who are super excited to welcome new members into our family! We always have more than enough people willing to teach peeps (me included). I’m so excited to see new faces, so please reach out! (email me, Facebook message me, send me smoke signals when Fire Safety isn’t looking)


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