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Hello! My name is Mina, and I am a junior in the Chemistry Department pursuing certificates in Ancient Roman Language and Culture and Global Health. Extracurricularly, I am involved with the ​Nass Lit​, one of our school’s literary magazines, and, academically, I’ve been lucky enough to take classes in both poetry and prose with the Program in Creative Writing.

No matter what your background may be or where you are in your journey in creative writing or artmaking, I cannot recommend enough that you consider taking a creative writing course here. They have consistently been some of my favorite courses at Princeton; in semesters that could sometimes feel monotonous and dreary, stepping into a creative space each week to share my work and engage with the writing of my peers always felt like a breath of exhilarating fresh air. The assignments and workshops for these courses challenged me to grow as a writer in ways I wasn’t even aware I could, helping me become more intentional about and attentive toward the craft of writing. More than that, these courses allowed me the space and time to write and be creative in a place where such time can feel so scarce.

Whether you want to ask about course applications, talk through being an FLIC student and/or a STEM major participating in the arts at Princeton, or ask (or geek out!) about anything else, I would be so happy to hear from you.


Class of '22

Program in Creative Writing

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