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Hi, I'm Madeleine and I'm a senior in the Anthropology department pursuing certificates in creative writing and dance. Through my studies of poetry and dance, I found my academic department since all traffic in embodied experience as their primary means of knowledge production.

Throughout my time at Princeton, my courses have disrupted the dichotomy of creative and academic pursuits. Whether it's been writing a poem about brushing my hair for an English class on ghosts of colonialism or working with classmates on a performance about deindustrialization for an Urban Studies course on Detroit, I've had the privilege of experimentation and the reassurance that subjectivity matters—profoundly empowering as a black student at a predominately white institution.

I'm always down to talk about anything you're reading, especially poetry and creative nonfiction. I'm the Social Chair of Terrace, so I can always be found there sitting on the stoop. Occasionally, I'll organize a poetry reading group with other Terrans every couple of weeks, so please feel free to reach out if you'd like to attend or help plan.

Class of '19

Program in Creative Writing and Program in Dance

Residential College


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