Natalie Tung

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I am a rising senior from Hong Kong in the English department, pursuing the Teacher Prep certificate. On campus, I am on the Varsity Squash team and Co-Founder of a non-profit called HomeWorks (an after school boarding program for middle and high school girls in Trenton). On the side, I love playing the guitar, taking photos, eating bread/anything sweet, and of course, creative writing!

Creative writing was never really offered at my school in Hong Kong, and it wasn’t until I came over to the U.S. that I realized how powerful writing can be in helping me better understand myself. Over the past few years, writing has given me an outlet to express my frustrations, anger, sadness and fears when I haven't been able to articulate them to my friends and family. At Princeton, I have taken several workshops in fiction and one in song writing. It is these workshops that have made me fall in love with the process of writing.

I am an advisor for two reasons. For one, I love hearing and reading other people’s works, and sharing mine to make my own pieces better. The other reason is because I love talking to people and getting to know their stories.

Class of '18

Program in Creative Writing