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Pascal Rambert

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Pascal Rambert is a French writer, choreographer, and director for the stage and screen.

Rambert was born in 1962. In 2016 he received the “Grand prix de l’Académie Française pour l’ensemble de son oeuvre,” a theater prize from Académie Française for his entire body of work. Since January 2017 he has been the partner artist at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris, at El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze since september 2017, and since 2014 the partner playwright at the National Theatre of Strasbourg. For 10 years, 2007-2016, he served as the Director of TG2-Théâtre de Gennevilliers, which he has transformed into a national dramatic center for contemporary creation, exclusively devoted to living artists (theater, dance, opera, contemporary art, film, and philosophy). Rambert’s theatre plays and choreographies have been produced by structure production, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and staged in Europe, North America, Asia, Russia, South America, the Middle East.

Rambert is a Visiting Belknap Fellow in the Humanities Council and Department of French and Italian at Princeton University. He will work with students on a production of his play A (micro) history of world economics, danced, which includes a community engagement project, production, and performance. He will also teach an undergraduate course in the Department of French and Italian.

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