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Hi all! My name is Rasheeda, and I'm a senior in the English Department. On campus, I participate in Nass Lit, which is a literary publication, WPRB, and other mentorship and arts programs.

I am also from Maryland, and growing up, the arts have been such a major part of my life. Though I used to be a serious and committed trumpet player while dabbling in the theatrical arts, I have found a home in creative writing—and especially the Program in Creative Writing at Princeton. As a Student Peer Advisor, I am here if you need any advice on how to navigate the many and different opportunities within the arts at Princeton and, in particular, I am also here to share my own story of how I found myself in creative writing. Writing fiction has not only made me a stronger thinker but also taught me new ways of relating and forming communities with people. Incidentally, some of my most memorable moments at Princeton have been in my creative writing classes: sharing work with my peers, being vulnerable and open to feedback, and growing with others as writers.

Ultimately, I am here to help you figure out how to tailor your own interests and passions to creative writing or otherwise. Please feel free to talk about any of your creative interests with me.

Let’s enjoy this wild ride in the arts together!

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