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Hello! My name is Runako Campbell, and I am so excited to serve as a Peer Arts Advisor again this year. I am a senior from Lawrenceville, Georgia. I am concentrating in African-American Studies and pursuing a certificate in Dance. I have a big family that I love very much, and I enjoy traveling, eating, and most of all, dancing!

My passion for movement grew exponentially as I involved myself in the arts on campus, and I did not expect to focus my energy on dance here at Princeton. I have been fortunate to grow as an artist within the Dance department, in student groups such as Disiac Dance Company and Princeton University Ballet, and by finding training off campus.

I would love to be a resource to you as you navigate the many arts and performance opportunities at Princeton. It can seem very intimidating and overwhelming at first! There is always something exciting and creative going on (let’s check them out together!).

If you are considering a career in the arts, or are just interested in making cool stuff, I am more than willing to discuss how to balance those ambitions with the academic rigor of Princeton. For the aspiring professional, I understand feeling behind or disadvantaged in comparison to those who attend conservatories. As a lower-income student who juggles multiple jobs, I have found it difficult to afford trips off campus to network, see performances, take supplementary classes, and attend auditions. However, with guidance and funding from the Lewis Center as well as some personal finessing, I’ve become more familiar with how to make opportunities possible, and I would be delighted to share these insights with you and direct you to some other wonderful individuals to meet as well.

I am also curious about underrepresented groups in the arts industry, so I am always down to chat about how arts spaces are occupied on campus and what we can do to diversify the voices heard, faces seen, and stories told in order to ignite change.

Regardless of your current relationship to the arts, The Lewis Center is a place for self-discovery and diving into your curiosities. Hit me up to chat about anything at all!

Much love, Runako


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