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Hi, I'm a rising senior from Cresskill, New Jersey. I'm in the German Department and am currently working on a collection of poems for the creative thesis alongside my German thesis. I have shown "hedgehog" tendencies in my studies here: I'm really interested in modern German-Jewish thought, the Frankfurt School, and interrogating the disembodied and Eurocentric reason of the Enlightenment. More recently, I've become interested in questions of political difference and dialogue. As a first-generation immigrant and college student, a low-income student, and an Asian American, gravitating towards the arts was not hard — I found I had a lot to say — but taking ownership was. I'm also a late student of poetry; though I had exposure to the arts before taking courses here (I was that one guy in every musical ensemble in high school), poetry's proved to be a very different animal. I am fortunate enough to have had wonderful professors like Susan Wheeler, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Claudia Rankine encourage me to not shy away from my "weaknesses" or differences, but rather fold them into the art itself. I'm eager to talk with you about, I guess, most things and help you better engage the arts community here.

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