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My name is Selah Hampton and I'm from College Park, Georgia. I've been dancing since I was seven, and have had incredible opportunities to continue exploring my love for dance while at Princeton. I'm a member of diSiac Dance Company , a student-run dance group on campus. I'm also pursuing a certificate through the dance department. A lot of the work that I'm interested in focuses on the cross sections between dance and science. Specifically, the connections between muscle memory and cognitive memory. I'll be working closely with the department to do more research on this topic throughout the next two years.

I've done a variety of projects while at Princeton. Ranging from participating in the dance department's annual show and their P-Labs performances, to performing in both dance and theater theses. The project that I worked on the longest was a thesis show called There. Remaining. by Oge Ude '16. The piece focused on racially based relationships and how power dynamics related to gender, height, skin color, etc. play into them. As a result, I've faced many challenges of trying to making a racially motivated piece of work, and further being an artist at Princeton while black.

I'd love to chat with anyone about their experience in the arts here. I would certainly be able to offer a thoughtful ear, as everyone faces different challenges, and perhaps the ways in which myself and others have dealt with our own difficulties will be helpful.

Class of '18

Program in Dance

Residential College