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Hello! My name is Sam Grayson, and I am so excited to serve as a Peer Arts Advisor this year. I am a rising senior from Los Angeles, CA, studying Psychology, with certificates in Visual Arts and Dance. Within the visual arts department I focus primarily on photography, both digital and analog, as well as video creation. In the dance department, I work mostly in contemporary dance performance and choreography.

My passion for movement exploration and creation has grown exponentially throughout my arts education here on campus. I did not expect to fall deeper in love with dance upon coming to Princeton, however, I have been lucky to find mentors, opportunities, friendships, and tremendous personal growth within the Dance Program. Further, student groups such as Disiac Dance Company have provided an additional creative outlet and support network within this form.

As far as visual arts is concerned, when I came to Princeton, I had never taken an art class. I severely doubted my capabilities when I participated in my first analog photography class my sophomore year here. However, it was this class, taught by Professor Jeff Whetstone, that brought about an intense interest and appreciation for visual arts that I truly never expected. Since this first VIS class, I've taken at least one studio course per semester because of the creative, exciting environment and important one-on-one guidance the department and faculty provides.

I am very excited to be a resource to you as you navigate arts opportunities at Princeton. As someone who is pursuing two arts certificates, I can provide advice and support for those juggling similar interests. I would also LOVE to hear your story, talk about art, or just chat! Please reach out! Let’s grab coffee or something!


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