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Hello! My name is Sydney Maple and I am a native of Malvern, Pennsylvania. I am a rising senior in the African American Studies Department, receiving certificates in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Dance. I am particularly invested in the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, and how these intersections are displayed through mediums of performance art. I feel as though dance is a particularly articulate means of political resistance and individualized expression. I am interested in the idea of dance as a form of liberation and transcendent communication.

I am grateful for Princeton and my time thus far in the dance department as well as diSiac Dance Company, an extracurricular student-group. I came from a varied dance background having trained since the age of three in a range of styles including contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, modern, and hip hop. My passion for dance grew tremendously the moment I got involved with Princeton’s dance scene. My main focus lies in contemporary forms, though I have always loved the challenge of training outside my comfort zone. In my choreographic pursuits thus far I have found it interesting to challenge myself to combine narrative and movement in a way that is explicit, yet expansive, avoiding the ascription of a limiting image for viewers. It has also been a thought-provoking practice to situate my blackness and other aspects of my identity in the realm of movement and performance art.

I have found my involvement in the dance department to be both invigorating as well as enlightening, and I would love to share my experiences while also hearing about your own unique thoughts, concerns, or questions! Dancing at Princeton has been the ultimate gift, allowing me to pursue movement exploration, performance, choreography, and technical improvement, all the while promoting unparalleled artistic growth. If you are interested in talking about issues of identity as they relate to dance, navigating ways to find your place within Princeton’s dance culture, or anything in-between, I am your girl! I hope I can provide some helpful insights, and have the chance to get to know you and your Princeton experience.


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