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I'm a senior in the Sociology Department with a Certificate in Gender Studies. In addition to writing action-packed fiction with elements of fantasy, I've also started screenwriting short films and television series. When I'm not writing, I'm stepping with HighSteppers and dancing with BAC.

Upon applying to Princeton, I did so with the expectation that I would also eventually apply to the creative writing courses. Although the application process was daunting, my past few years with the Lewis Center have been more than rewarding. Originally, I thought I only wanted to write fiction, but taking a screenwriting course for the first time helped me discover that I want to start a career in media and television. Caught between two writing styles that I really enjoy, instead of choosing to focus on one, I've dedicated my time in the creative writing program to work on both fiction and screenwriting. As a Peer Arts Advisor, I'm hopeful that I can assist other students who are struggling to pick one writing path by helping them devise a plan that will make the creative writing program more beneficial to their goals.

Class of '18

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