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Hey there! I am a rising senior from Atlanta, Georgia, in the Economics Department. As the time to decide what my next step in life will be (agh!) has grown closer, I've really had to decide what role I hope the arts will play in my immediate future. As an Economics major, pursuing a theater certificate was not an immediate option I considered. In fact, I'm pursuing certificates in Linguistics and African American Studies, which aren't necessarily easy cross-departments with the theater program. However, I've always nurtured a passion for performing and even more recently, directing. I joined a dance group and began music directing a music group my first year here, and since then, my desire to stay connected to the arts was rekindled. I'm so grateful that there were people and resources available when I decided to truly pursue opportunities in the program. The process of navigating independent work, classes, scheduling, internship, and even just concerns about entering into a new space was made so much smoother with their support.

Although I maintained some connection to performing my first two years, I didn't pursue any opportunities to perform or take classes with the theater program until my junior year. That's part of why I am so thrilled to have the opportunity as a Peer Arts Advisor. My time navigating through the theater program and culture here at Princeton came with a steep learning curve, especially as I didn't join until my junior year. Talking with other students, reading, talking to professors, and just enjoying the resources that are provided to us has been instrumental in my ability to feel like I've found a home in the department. I am excited with the way the American theater is beginning to ask questions regarding identity, culture, and truth in an inclusive way that pursues accessibility for a variety of diverse audiences. I know Princeton is on this journey, and I hope I can be a resource to you as you consider your role in the arts and how to manage it all within a academic setting.

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