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My name is Jhor. I'm a rising Junior in the Visual Arts department, getting certificates in both Dance and Theater. I'm incredibly excited to return to Princeton after having taken a leave of absence. Last year, I also started as a first-semester Junior (that time in the Philosophy department) but decided I needed to get away for a while. One of the main things I struggled with was a sense of being torn between my interests. I felt an urge to focus and define myself more clearly, but I simply didn't know how to. "Who am I?" "How do I want to contribute?" "How can I contribute?" I still don't have "clear" answers to these questions yet feel a lot more comfortable thinking about them. If you have relevant thoughts or experiences, or if you're struggling with the same questions, I'd love to meet up!

My background is primarily in dance. While growing up in the Netherlands, I attended the pre-professional program at one of our Dance Conservatories. In addition to this, I sang in a rock band for a few years, and did some musical theater. At Princeton, with all the freedom offered, I have also taken on some play directing and lighting design. Outside of the LCA, I served as PAC's Initiatives Director for a year, and I dance with BodyHype.

I'd love to grab a coffee, talk over a meal or go for a walk! There are many things I know nothing about, but at times a listening ear might already help. Other things I do know something about. Let's see how we can help each other :)

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