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Hi! My name is Maya von Ziegesar, I’m a rising senior in the Philosophy department with certificates in Values and Public Life and Visual Arts, specializing in sculpture. I’m from Brooklyn and came to Princeton expecting to be a History or Philosophy major; I never thought I’d get involved in the arts. My freshman fall I knew some people who took Introductory Sculpture and loved it, so that spring I enrolled in my first post-childhood art class and it totally changed the course of my undergrad career.

My advice: take an art class, any art class! Your instructor will be amazing and supportive, your classmates will challenge and advise you. I had never made a sculpture in my life before college and now I can’t imagine Princeton without art.

Please reach out if you want advice, especially about the Program in Visual Arts, deciding between The Practice of Art track (the major) and the certificate program, balancing the certificate with other academic interests, going to a public school without arts funding (all the more reason to take advantage of Princeton’s huge arts endowment!), or being Asian in the arts.

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