The Lewis Center is designed to enrich the academic and cultural experience of all Princeton University students — whether they intend to pursue a career in the arts or simply hope to nurture, through creative coursework, their abilities to innovate and collaborate. There are course offerings for every student, whether they have no prior experience or are coming from a pre-professional performance background.

Many students find that coursework in the arts informs and enriches their departmental work, whether it’s in English, Architecture, Neuroscience or Molecular Biology. Others, who arrived at Princeton determined to excel in one art form, find that in fact their greatest aptitude is in another — for example, OBIE Award-winning playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins ’06 studied fiction until he had exhausted all the available courses, and only turned to writing drama when professors pointed out his knack for crafting dialogue.

If you’re thinking about taking a course in the Lewis Center, follow Michael Cadden‘s advice and “do it now,” because after all, “who likes delayed gratification?” There’s no better time to explore and broaden your horizons — especially freshmen (or as the late Director of the Program in Theater Tim Vasen called them, “The Fresh”), because spots are specifically held for first-year students even in workshops with enrollment limits of ten.

Beyond courses in the Lewis Center, there are over a hundred public events each year including countless lectures, exhibits, master classes, readings and other opportunities to see and make art. Join us!


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