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The Theodore Weiss Award

The award was established in 2004 in memory of Professor Weiss, distinguished poet, founder and editor of the Quarterly Review of Literature, and Professor of English and Creative Writing. Presented annually to a promising young poet, or in exceptional circumstances, fiction writer.

This award is by faculty nomination only.

Current Winner

Madeleine C. Le Cesne ’19


Past Winners

2018 Recipients:

Isabella N. Grabski ’18
Rebecca N. Kahn ’18

2017 Recipient:

Benjamin E. Goodman ’17

2016 Recipient:

Alec E. Lowman ’16

2015 Recipient:

Aron S. Wander ’15

2014 Recipient:

Cameron L. White ’14

2013 Recipient:

Lily F. Akerman ’13

2012 Recipient:

Stephen J. Martis ’12

2011 Recipient:

Conor P. Gannon ’11

2010 Recipient:

Emily J. Garcia ’10

2009 Recipient:

Fiona R. Miller ’09

2008 Recipient:

Fiona R. Miller ’09

2007 Recipient:

Kyle B. Booten ’08