Program Information for Early Decision / Late Bloomer

November 5-6 and 11-13, 2021

Early Decision

Book, music & lyrics by Adam Gwon

Late Bloomer

Music & book by Jaime Lozano
Book & lyrics by Georgie Castilla


Run Time

Both shows run approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.


Early Decision — Anaheim, California, 2018
Late Bloomer — Trenton, New Jersey, present time


Use of haze and bright strobe-like light effect.

Special Notes

This performance is partially funded by the Roger S. Berlind Playwrights-in-Residence Fund and through the Lewis Center’s Alex Adam ’07 Award Fund.

Please silence all electronic devices including cellular phones and watches for the duration of the performance. Please refrain from text messaging during the performance.


Owen (Early Decision); Kiki (Late Bloomer) — Julien Alam ’23*
Nicole (Early Decision); Nidia Flores (Late Bloomer) — Emily Cruz ’22
Brett (Early Decision) — Aaron Ventresca ’24*
Sharon (Early Decision) — Sydney Hwang ’24
Officer (Early Decision); Emcee (Early Decision) — Matthew Gancayco ’22
Renán Flores (Late Bloomer) — Andrew Duke ’25
Javi Flores (Late Bloomer) — John Venegas Juarez ’25
Pilar Flores (Late Bloomer) — Raquel Ramirez ’24

Production Team

Director — Elena Araoz
Music Director (Early Decision) — Mila Henry
Music Director Sub (Early Decision) — Solon Snider
Music Director (Late Bloomer) — Vince di Mura
Set Designer — Isabella Hilditch ’22*
Costume Designer — Dina El-Aziz
Lighting Designer — Reed Leventis
Lighting Advisor — Miriam Crowe
Sound Designer
— Nathan Leigh
Stage Manager — Minjae Kim
Sound Engineer — Savannah Yost
A2 / Deck — Michelle Poulaille
Assistant Stage Manager — Lev Ricanati ’25
Assistant Stage Manager — Felix Chen ’22*
Berlind Head Electrician — Paul Kilsdonk
Programmer — Maya Kranz
Programmer/Light Board Op — James Lewis
Wardrobe: Anna Sorrentino and Seana Benz
Stitchers: Anna Sorrentino
Student stitchers: Jasmyn Dobson, Madeleine Lausted, Tanaka Ngwara, and Titi Sodimu
Deck/Rail — Alex Griner
Deck/Rail — Phoenix Edmond
Deck/Rail sub — Laura Sabatie
Run Crew — Greyson Sapio ’25


Piano (Early Decision) — Mila Henry
Piano (Late Bloomer) — Vince di Mura

*denotes a certificate student in the Program in Theater

Faculty Advisors

Lawrence Moten, Scenic Advisor
Tess James, Lighting Advisor


On Saturday, November 6 at 4 p.m., a talkback with Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber and Associate Dean of the College and Director of Programs for Access and Inclusion Khristina Gonzalez follows the 3 p.m. performance.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Princeton alumni Daniel Benitez ’21 and Magdalena Stankowska ’18.

Land Acknowledgement

An estimated 10 million Native Americans lived in North America before the arrival of European colonizers. Many thousands lived in Lenapehoking, the vast homeland of the Lenni-Lenape, who were the first inhabitants of what is now called eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Princeton stands on part of the ancient homeland and traditional territory of the Lenape people. In 1756, the College of New Jersey erected Nassau Hall with no recorded consultation with the Lenni-Lenape peoples.

Treaties and forced relocation dispersed Lenape-Delaware to Ohio, Kansas, and Oklahoma. We acknowledge the violence of settler colonialism and pay respect to Lenape peoples past, present, and future and their continuing presence in the homeland and throughout the Lenape diaspora.

Current Princeton student activists and alumni are advocating for Indigenous students and studies at the University. For more information, see the websites of Natives at Princeton and Princeton Indigenous Advocacy Coalition.


Lewis Center for the Arts

Interim Chair: Michael Cadden
Executive Director: Marion Friedman Young

Director of Program in Theater: Jane Cox
Producing Artistic Director, Theater And Music Theater Season: Elena Araoz

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