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February 10-12, 2022 in Hearst Dance Theater

Welcome + Land Acknowledgement

As you settle into your seat and open your program, we’d like to thank you for coming. If you’d like, we invite you to reflect on where you just came from; look around and reflect on where you are now.

We, the core faculty in the Program in Dance, are working carefully to create a living land acknowledgement, one that is embodied in its consideration of—and engagement with—the past, present, and future. As we continue to clarify this work, we begin here: we acknowledge that this building sits on land considered part of the ancient homelands of the Lenni-Lenape peoples and that this campus was built on this land with no recorded consultation with the Lenni-Lenape peoples. We acknowledge that learning about history and making this statement isn’t enough. Equally important is our ongoing work to understand past harms; build awareness in present relationships and actions; and bring imagination, creative problem-solving, and genuine community-building to the future of our program. We are taking concrete actions towards these goals within our curriculum, pedagogy, and programming. We look forward to sharing specifics as we go.

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Power Play

Choreographed by Julie Jung Won Shin ’22

Costume Designer: Mary Jo Mecca
Original Sound Construction: Vince di Mura, with additional sound design by Vince di Mura based on “Hyperballad” by Björk

Program Note

Power Play employs the audience-performer relationship as a mechanism for exploring the realities of power and pressure between women and society. Asking both the performer and viewer to consider the extent of their control over the environment, the piece is an intimate look at the nuances of ownership when subjected to the gaze.

Run Time

Approximately 35 minutes with no intermission.

Warning Notes

This performance uses lighting haze, flashing lights and features sounds of heartbeats.

Special Notes

The use of flash photography is prohibited. Please silence all electronic devices including cellular phones and watches, and refrain from text messaging for the duration of the performance. The photographing, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.



Haley Baird-Dibble ’24*
Uanne Chang ’24
Natalia Lalin ’24*
Jasmine Rivers ’24*
Camryn Stafford ’23*
Emma Wang ’23*

About the Dancers

Haley Baird is a sophomore from Minneapolis, concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Spanish and Dance.

Uanne Chang is a sophomore from Weston, MA. She is a prospective economics major with certificates in Finance and Creative Writing.

Natalia Lalin is a sophomore from Morristown, NJ concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Technology & Society, Entrepreneurship, and Dance.

Jasmine Rivers is a sophomore from San Francisco, concentrating in Anthropology and pursuing a certificate in Dance.

Camryn Stafford is a junior from Dallas, TX studying African American Studies with certificates in Dance and Entrepreneurship.

Emma Wang is a junior from Baltimore, MD who is concentrating in Neuroscience on the premed track with a certificate in Dance.


Production Team

Lighting Designer: Tess James
Production Stage Manager
: Mary-Susan Gregson
Sound Operator: James P. Lewis
Assistant Costume Designer: Keating Debelak
Run Crew: Angie Sheehan ’22*, Chris Park ’24
Program Cover Photo: Kirsten Pardo ’24

*denotes a certificate student in the Program in Dance


Faculty Advisors

Rebecca Stenn, Production and Choreographic Advisor


A Note from Julie

Dance has been a part of my life since I was five. At some moment, unbeknownst to me, dance became even more important and in many ways, wholly definitive of my time at Princeton. I am not yet sure of what dance will mean to me after I graduate. In the meantime, I am extremely grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to round out my dance career in the most fulfilling way possible. Power Play is without a doubt a product of my artistic and academic growth from the past 16 years and to share it with everyone is a true blessing.

I would like to give special thanks to the production team and dance department , Mary-Sue, Chloe, Tess, Vince, Darryl, Steve, Matt, Kay, Jon, Mary Jo, Keating, James, Tina, Susan, Rebecca, Angie, Chris and Allie, for supporting me in every way through this process. Many many thanks to my advisor Rebecca Stenn for teaching me to trust my instincts and being my biggest advocate. Additional thanks to Kirsten for photographing the playbill’s beautiful cover and Enver for helping me title the performance.

To my cast, Emma, Natalia, Haley, Camryn, Jasmine and Uanne, thank you for dancing with me: you are some of my favorite women. To my family and friends, thank you not just for being here today but for being with me always.

— Julie Shin ’22



Lewis Center for the Arts

Interim Chair: Michael Cadden
Executive Director: Marion Friedman Young

Director of Program in Dance: Susan Marshall
Associate Director of Program in Dance: Rebecca Lazier

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