Program Information for How to Write a Song Concert

Part of the Princeton Atelier course taught by Paul Muldoon and Bridget Kearney

Presented by the Lewis Center for the Arts’ Princeton Atelier on

April 27, 2021, at 4:30 PM


Princeton students perform a concert of songs with music and lyrics written over the past semester as part of the spring 2021 Princeton Atelier course “How to Write a Song” taught by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon (Rogue Oliphant) and Bridget Kearney (Lake Street Dive).

Run Time

Approximately 70 minutes.

Reproducing these recordings in any form, whether by video, audio, or photograph, is strictly prohibited.




By Ike Hall ’22, Liam Seeley ’23, Kate Short ’23, and David Timm ’22

East of Eden

By Malka Himelhoch ’21, Izzy Max ’24, Fiona Max ’24, Luca Morante ’23 and George Rettaliata ’21


By Mariah Crawford ’22, Izzy Max ’24 and Rohit Oomman ’24

Dear Conscious

By Kadija Benoit ’23, Carson Gutierrez ’21, Sarah Radwan ’21 and Liam Seeley ’23

I’m Not Sorry

By Nia Arora ’22, Glenna Jane Galarion ’21, Malka Himelhoch ’21 and Tiffany Sun ’21

Where Were You, My Love

By Jenny Ma ’21, Milana Malec ’23, Izzy Max ’24 and Kate Short ’23

Sunlight, Thank You

By Fiona Max ’24, Anya Sharma ’23, David Song ’21 and David Timm ’22

Unfitted Sheets

By Will Hunt ’23, Hana Jiang ’21, Rohit Oomman ’24 and Liam Seeley ’23

Walker 317

By Nia Arora ’22, Carla Dias ’21, Jani Dumapit ’23 and Dusu Sidibay ’24

Jazz Cigarette

By Ewan Curtis ’23, Glenna Jane Galarion ’21, Hana Jiang ’21 and George Rettaliata ’21

No More Room at the Watering Hole

By Kevin Flahive ’23, Will Hunt ’23, Rakesh Potluri ’23 and Kate Short ’23

Pretty Girl

By Ike Hall ’22, Fiona Max ’24, Rohit Oomman ’24 and Remy Reya ’21

To Describe a Life

By Kadija Benoit ’23, Jani Dumapit ’23, Austin Mejia ’21 and David Timm ’22


By Jared Bozinko ’24, Austin Mejia ’21 and Anya Sharma ’23



Chair: Tracy K. Smith
Executive Director: Marion Friedman Young


Director, Producing Artistic Director, Theater And Music Theater Season: Jane Cox

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Producer: Darryl Waskow
Production Manager: Chloë Z. Brown
Production Stage Manager: Carmelita Becnel
Resident Musical Director/Composer: Vince di Mura
Assistant Stage Manager: Rob Del Colle
Costume Shop Manager: E. Keating Helfrich
Assistant Costume Shop Manager: Julia Kosanovich
Draper: Caitlin Brown
Technical Director: Timothy Godin
Assistant Technical Director: Jesse Froncek
Theater Technician: Torrey Drum
Lighting & Stage Supervisor: Matt Pilsner
Props Master: Allie Geiger Khanna
Scenic Artist: Melissa Riccobono
Master Carpenter: Michael A. Smola
Sound Supervisor: Kay Richardson
Director of Communications: Steve Runk
Multimedia Specialist: Zohar Lavi-Hasson
Visual Communications Specialist: Tracy Patterson
Web & Multimedia Strategist: Jonathan Sweeney
Communications Associate: Jaclyn Sweet
Communications Assistant: Hope VanCleaf



The event will be live captioned. If you are in need of other access accommodations in order to participate in this event, please contact the Lewis Center at 609-258-5262 or email at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date.