The Program in Visual Arts and the Department of Art and Archaeology present a screening of the animation, documentary and narrative thesis films made by junior and senior students in the program. The show features work by seniors Ethan Curtis Boll, Dylan Fox, Adam Hazelton, Javin Lu and Michael Osei-Wusu and by juniors Lola Constantino, Allen Delgado, Titi Sodimu and Wendi Yan. Refreshments will be served.

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Tickets and Details

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets required; reserve tickets through University Ticketing.

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COVID-19 Guidance + Updates

Per Princeton University policy, all guests are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to the maximum extent, which now includes a COVID booster shot for all eligible to receive it, and to wear a mask when indoors.


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Featured Films

The students’ work was advised by film faculty members Su Friedrich, Moon Molson, BJ Perlmutt and Tim Szetela.

Work by Seniors

American Oxygen
by Adam Hazelton
(20:00 minutes)

Written and directed by Adam and Emily Hazelton
Cinematography by Hiram Borges
Music by Alex Shelbourne
Featuring: Flora Hwang, Shiva Ayama, Dakota Loesch and Dwayne Tarver

Sam Vang is a 25-year-old woman living with her sister in California’s Central Valley. Permanently on supplemental oxygen, she becomes convinced that a faith-healing televangelist in Los Angeles can cure her. With a leaking oxygen tank and a crumpled twenty-dollar bill, Sam races to catch the last bus to L.A.


The Twelfth House
by Dylan Fox
(Full running time, 90 minutes. Running time for the screening, 20 minutes)

Written, filmed and edited by Dylan Fox
Featuring: Dylan Fox, Drake Baer

The Twelfth House explores the filmmaker’s relationship with his friend and collaborator Drake Baer, a former activist, astrologer, and socialite. During editing, Fox reminisces about the filming process and his friendship while also attempting to construct a film that gives a full understanding of his friend.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame
by Ethan Curtis Boll
(25 minutes)

Written and directed by Ethan Boll
Cinematography by Javin Lu
Music directed by Chloe Horner and conducted by Vince DiMura
Featuring: Asher Muldoon, BT Hayes, Jacob Kinderman, Cassandra James, and Jay White

A live-action adaptation of five songs from Disney’s stage musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The film explores the role of adaptation and how stories change across time, space, and medium.


by Michael Osei-Wusu
(5:46 minutes)

Directed, animated and edited by Michael Osei-Wusu
Music by Aluye & Emerson Karios
Assistant Animator: Neb Motion

An astronaut embarks on a journey through time and space in search of life’s answer.


by Javin Lu
(12 minutes)

Written by Javin Lu and Kisara Moore
Directed by Javin Lu
Produced by Kisara Moore and Irene Zheng
Featuring: Guang-yu Xu, Chloe Chow, and Haoyang Wang
Special thanks to the Princeton Chinese Parents WeChat group

James Xu, an educated, high-skilled Chinese immigrant, works a dead-end job at a Chinese restaurant near Stanford University. Insecurities mount after a chance encounter with a successful childhood friend from Mainland China and his high-achieving daughter.


Work by Juniors

vampire cartoon character blowing bubble gum bubble into mirror reflectionThis Life Sucks
by Lola Constantino

Written, animated and edited by Lola Constantino

Life sucks for Isla. As if working the night shift as a college student isn’t bad enough, she is the prime suspect in a serial killer case. The question isn’t so much did she do it, but rather, will she get caught? Can this antisocial vampire get over her addiction to human blood and make a human friend?


Adam is Dreaming
by Wendi Yan

Directed, filmed, animated and edited by Wendi Yan

A dream scientist at MIT, Adam Horowitz, shares his vision for dreams beyond scientific research.



A Night to Remember
by Allen Delgado

Written, directed and edited by Allen Delgado
Cinematography by Daniel Drake
Composition and music by Ian Accetta
Featuring: Daniel Burgess, Long Ho, Satya Nayagam, Joshua Rogers and Zachary Sahin

After a night of drinking, five friends have to face the consequences of their actions after discovering that their sixth friend is a victim of alcohol poisoning. Although each of the friends bears some degree of responsibility, David tries his best to convince them to call for help. However, he would find the task easier said than done.


Always Come Back to This Spot
by Titi Sodimu

An experimental animation in which the filmmaker uses stop motion and underlit glass techniques to explore some recurring experiences and feelings in their life. Inspired by a conversation with a friend about how a year ago, almost to the day, they were both in the same situations. The sound is a collage composed of clips from voice recordings during the shooting process, therapy sessions and messages sent between friends.