The programs of the Peter B. Lewis Center for the Arts are made possible through the generous support of many alumni and other donors, including:

Alex Adam ’07 Award for the Creative and Performing Arts Fund

Benerofe Fund to Support Theatre and Dance

Roger S. Berlind ’52 Playwright-in-Residence Fund

Andi and Tom Bernstein Fund for the Arts

Edmund N. Carpenter, II ’43 P79 P95 Memorial Fund in Creative Writing

Carpenter Family Fund for Comparative Literature and the Creative Arts

Cohen ’89 Princeton Arts Fellows Fund

Conlin Family Fund

Durkin Family Fund for Irish Studies

Cheryl and Blair Effron ’84 Fund for the Arts

Ferguson Steiner Course Development Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts

Emmet W. Gowin Fund for the Visual Arts

Maurice Greenberg Arts Fellowship Fund

Hartman Feldman Fund for the Arts

Caroline A. Hearst Choreographer-in-Residence Program

Steven J. Hirsch, Class of 1917 and Dorothy B. Hirsch Performing Arts Endowment Fund

Sam Hutton Fund for the Arts

Irwin Family Fund for the Visual Arts

David E. Kelly Fund for the Arts

David E. Kelly ’79 Society of Fellows Fund

Amie C. Knox ’77 Endowment Fund for the Program in Visual Arts

Dorothy Krauklis ’78 Professorship for the Arts

Lucas Visual Arts Fund

Edward E. Matthews ’53 Fund for the Lewis Center for the Arts

Craig Mazin ’92 and Melissa Frey Mazin ’91 Fund

The Douglas G. McGrath ’80 Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts

Meissner Student Performances Arts Fund

Mellor Fund for Undergraduate Research

Leonard L. Milberg ’53 Professorship in Irish Letters Fund

Murphy Family Fund for the Princeton Fellows in the Arts

Mathew M. Pendo, Class of 1985, Course Development Fund

Potarazu Family Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts

Princeton Atelier Fund

Raymond-Hybel Innovative Performance Fund in the Arts

Kristen and Thomas Roberts ’85 Family Fund for Dance

Jordan Roth ’97 Fund for the Princeton Atelier

Jordan Roth ’97 Fellowships in Theater

Hervey S. Stockman ’44 Fund

Wibberley Family Fund

Maria and Philip Yang P19 Arts Fund for Undergraduate Study and Research

John Sacret Young ’69 Lecture Fund

Giving to Princeton

Learn more about how to support the Lewis Center for the Arts at Giving to Princeton.