The Program in Theater presents a reading of a new play by Minjae Kim ’21. Where does Korea end and America begin? Where does America end and Korea begin? A play exploring the consensual (?) assimilation to America and the divides it creates within families and within ourselves.


Stage Directions — Maddie Wu ’21
Megan Pan ’22 — Yeonhee, Kim, George K
Ethan Luk ’24 — Sanghee, Office Man
Jacy Duan ’21 — Haejin, Martha*
Jonathan Som ’22 — Hyunshik, Mr. Dad, Garrett*
Tyler Ashman ’21 — George, Captain
Minjae Kim ’21 — Jared

* denotes non-dramaturgical double casting specifically for this reading for COVID-19 safety protocols



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  • Program in Theater