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Why Princeton?

As one of the world’s leading research universities, and as an institution that stands “in the nation’s service and the service of humanity,” Princeton University has something to offer any college-bound student, whether they intend to study engineering, economics, neuroscience, medieval literature, or any other discipline—or has yet to make up their mind. But what makes Princeton the right place for an accomplished artist, or for any young person possessed of exceptional creativity and curiosity?


Princeton offers a nexus of world-class facilities for making and presenting art, including McCarter Theatre, the Princeton University Art Museum, the Lewis Arts complex, New South, and expanded visual arts studios at 185 Nassau. It’s also just a short distance from the cultural hubs of New York City and Philadelphia, which offer an extension of the classroom for many creative courses in the form of studio visits, performances, and more. Plus, the picturesque campus is pretty inspiring!


Princeton’s distinctive commitment to undergraduate education means that the renowned artists on faculty are accessible, providing hands-on instruction in small workshops and individually mentoring dedicated students. Your classmates and collaborators, too, will be a source of constant inspiration and learning.


By intended design, Lewis Center programs don’t offer a major, but many aspiring artists choose Princeton over art schools or conservatories because of the wealth of opportunities to fuse creative pursuits with a holistic liberal arts education. Your academic studies will inform your artistic practice and vice versa, which means a broader horizon of opportunities. Princeton alumni are everywhere you look in the arts—on screen, stage and page, in galleries and museums, behind the camera and curtain, and in the roles of producer, curator, choreographer, and much more. Learn more about earning minors in Lewis Center programs


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